Data Destruction

CESG, CPNI and MoD Approved Physical Destruction

Euro Recycling provide HMG approved onsite secure data destruction for end of life data bearing assets and I.T. equipment. We specialise in the onsite destruction of HMG Protectively Marked data bearing assets up to and including IL6 in accordance with HMG IA Standard No. 5. Our service is a CESG Assured Service for Destruction, CAS-D, and is also Defence Infosec Product Cooperation Group, DIPCOG approved.

We can shred or disintegrate computer hard drives, tapes, mobile phones etc. to 6mm particles and CDs/DVDs to 2mm with our mobile shredders and disintegrators. Our staff are security cleared to enable them to handle the most sensitive data.




Euro Recycling’s Mobile Secure Computer Media Destruction Service has been certified by CESG to be compliant with CESG’s Assured Service Requirement – Destruction 1.0 which aims to provide appropriately audited secure destruction of HMG media and assets as listed in HMG IA Standard No. 5.

The certification covers:

  • Onsite data wiping using CESG approved Tabernus software up to and including Business Impact Level – 5, BIL-5.
  • Onsite degaussing using CESG approved Proton T4 and Data Security Inc HD 6600 degaussers up to and including Business Impact Level – 6, BIL-6.
  • Onsite physical destruction by using CPNI approved shredders and disintegrators